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  1. Trying to create a new document, using a saved template, when I try open the templates, affinity Publisher will crash. Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 12.08.32.zip template living foutanis.aftemplate
  2. Well, I download Old Bruce's file, and in the beginning, that could be saved, but after a while the same problem return. But It is interesting that even though this message of error appears, a file appears in the folder, saved, but when I try to open it, it will crash Publisher.Living Fountais SAVE 1-m.afpub.zip Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 16.34.27.zip
  3. I tried, and that also didn't work. I realized that by going back to the previous version and making certain changes, then the problem occurs.
  4. Thank you, I did replace that, but still not working. It seems that is some change that I did in this last version, because my other versions that a save before I am able to save.
  5. Thank's @walt.farrell I didn't pay attention to that! My is a different issue then, just having trouble to save a publisher file without Architectural presets, But I will try what you said and let you know if works!
  6. Sorry for my ignorance, but Could you clarify what is EPS file?
  7. What I am going to do now? I have to finish my work, but I cannot progress, because I can not same my changes!! Help me, please!!
  8. Hi, I'm Having the same issue: Affinity Publisher 1.8.2 It was a file That I have been working for while, and suddenly that happen. And it crashed some times already. Living_Fountais_or_Bronken_Cisterns_1-L.afpub Living Fountais or Bronken Cisterns 1-m ERROR.afpub
  9. I checked for drivers updates, and mine is already up to date. Here is the screenshot of the performance preferences.
  10. Sure, I record that, It is on the video, but I will tell you : Finding:' (apostrophe) Replacing: (Nothing)
  11. I get this bug in publisher, using find and Replace. As I was replacing the characters' finds, the program suddenly shut. I repeat many times the same action and get the same results. Screen_Recording_2019-10-20_at_11_55_37.mov Livro_Ferdnand_Stahl-11.afpub Imagens_Ready.zip
  12. I'm having the same problem, I wish to set a default value to 5%, instead of ten. Or if we have an option to personalize as we want.
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