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  1. I try it, and looks like it Works! The AutoFlow run without any changes in the text Style or font. But what I also did was after pasting the text in the Text Editor, before pasting back in the afpub, I delete all the frames of the section and create new ones. Here is the last version, this has the master pages without frames, and the problem is still happening, but doing that what I describe above will work. Daniel_Afpub_bug_z_file.zip
  2. That is true, I sent a previous version,I tried to upload the last one that I recorded the video but even after I zip it, it seems too large. I got you! I will take a look on that character Leading Override.Historia do Profeta Daniel 01 z.afpub.zip
  3. Hey @thomaso thank you for your replies! That is very interesting, because in my file there is no frame in the master pages, and the font size to Text Style "Normal" is set 12pt, instead of "No Changed". About the Leading, What would be the best? I usually set it to "Auto".
  4. OK, @Gabe the Afpub I already uploaded, Here is the IDML File. Historia do Profeta Daniel 02c.idml
  5. It seems like and I thought that at first, but I can't tell you where or wich character or pilcrow it is. But I am not sure if it is just that.
  6. @thomaso thank for your attention! Although I don't think that was just that the problem because that also happens when because of a picture I have to add new pages of the last frame and trigger the Autoflow the same problem happens in the last frame. Without using the out handle at the bottom right. And the weirdest thing is that all the text stile goes crazy, it is not just the font size that changes, also the font family, tabs, leading, etc... I will record a New Video to show that. Anyway, is there a way to fix that? So that I can have my work done? I appreciate any help! Thank you! bug_02.mp4
  7. I Will also add a Video of the Bug, and the file. bug_Affinity_Publisher01.mp4 Historia_do_Profeta_Daniel_01_i.afpub.zip
  8. Hi guys, I hope someone can help me with this... It is the first time that I have this problem and I suspect that is because my file was in IDML, and Portuguese language... This is What It happens: At the end of the sections, in the penultimate frame, there appears this unnormal space between the next paragraph that is on the next frame, and at first looks like the is nothing in it, but when looking carefully you can see that the font size is scary small, like 1pt. So I check the style, and there are many changes that I have no idea how they get there, but they appear only in the last frame. I just don't know how to fix the space, because it won't let me clear the styles changes, and if I try to delete the space the font will to the other opposite, being huge big! I thought that was a tab somewhere, but there is nothing, I don't know what is creating these changings. And that usually happens when I add a new frame. LogoAPL.svg Text Divider 1.eps
  9. Trying to create a new document, using a saved template, when I try open the templates, affinity Publisher will crash. Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 12.08.32.zip template living foutanis.aftemplate
  10. Well, I download Old Bruce's file, and in the beginning, that could be saved, but after a while the same problem return. But It is interesting that even though this message of error appears, a file appears in the folder, saved, but when I try to open it, it will crash Publisher.Living Fountais SAVE 1-m.afpub.zip Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 16.34.27.zip
  11. I tried, and that also didn't work. I realized that by going back to the previous version and making certain changes, then the problem occurs.
  12. Thank you, I did replace that, but still not working. It seems that is some change that I did in this last version, because my other versions that a save before I am able to save.
  13. Thank's @walt.farrell I didn't pay attention to that! My is a different issue then, just having trouble to save a publisher file without Architectural presets, But I will try what you said and let you know if works!
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