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  1. Disappointed to see that Affinity Designer 1.9 has been released (which is great) and there is still no support for Apple Color Emoji text. This appears to be a fairly large omission from the product. Is it really hard to implement? Or is it just not a priority? (It gets my vote as a priority item.) Cheers, S t u a r t .
  2. As mentioned above, fixed in the now-released 1.8.4 of Affinity Designer. Thanks.
  3. I created an image in a business graphics package (OmniGraffle) and exported the image as an SVG. When I open the SVG in Affinity Designer (1.8.4; macOS 10.15.6) I find that the image loses some of its detail. In particular, Affinity Designer appears to lose all of the radial gradients in the image, and loses the "arrow heads" on the lines. I have attached the SVG document for your reference. If it's any consolation, this SVG does not render correctly in Adobe Illustrator (24.2.3), Vectornator (3.3.13 (460)), or Amadine (1.0.9 (85)), with differing failures. But it does render correctly in macOS Finder (QuickLook), Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition. It will be great to know what's going wrong here. Cheers, S t u a r t . 20200810-autoWithdrawalAccumulation-periods.svg
  4. I'm using Affinity Designer 1.8.3 (from Mac App store), on macOS 10.15.5. I'm trying to set the colour of an object using the Hex RGB panel (which I've done before successfully) but it now won't let me enter any number that contains the hexadecimal characters A through F. Every time I attempt to enter a hexadecimal character the input box goes red and won't accept the input. I've attached a screen video demonstrating the problem in which I'm trying to set the value to '9e' or even '9E' to no avail. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers, S t u a r t . 20200625-noHexColours.mp4
  5. I optimised an SVG icon (using SVGOMG). The view from the macOS (10.15.3) Finder shows the icon as I would expect, as does the view in Google Chrome. It does not appear as I would expect when opened in Affinity Designer (1.8.1). I expect the icon to like like this: But instead it looks like this; You can find the optimised SVG file in the attachments for this post. icon-clipboard-optimised.svg By the way, it appears that Adobe Illustrator (23.1.1) also has a problem with this SVG file. Illustrator just displays a white box with no icon detail at all. 🤔 I suspect that there is something wrong with the optimised file (since the original - also attached - is fine in all display and editing software). Cheers, S t u a r t . icon-clipboard-optimised.svg icon-clipboard-original.svg
  6. When I take screen shots on macOS, it would be great to share the image directly to Affinity Photo from the popup image capture dialog. In the attached image you can see that I can share to Acorn (another image editor I have installed on the machine), but Affinity Photo is not an option. I have tried to add Affinity Photo as an option to this menu through the System Preferences, but I can't see Affinity Photo as an option. I suspect that there is some configuration that must be present in the Affinity Photo application to make this possible. Any help in this area will be great. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong (fingers-crossed). Cheers, S t u a r t .
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