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  1. It was just joke I understand this thread and also understand both sides in this discussion, because you both are right. It was two points of view to one sentence and because of this I¨v added the third
  2. I dont thing so. It was nothing against Serif. I respect them and like them very well for developing the products. I just told that 1) only Serif software (AFAIK) must be bought twice for usage on two platforms. And 2) that we will be more happy when pack will cost less then all three apps bought separately. And 3) that "give" loyal user thirth app will be good for both sides. Do you call it my arrogancy? "1" and "2" was customers point of view, which is (IMHO) what Serif want to hear and "3" is simply fact.
  3. And final word can be: a) In fact, the content is always free (so no discount). b) This is License what you pay for. c) the License itself is not "content" (so no discount) :-)
  4. Agree with pkey23. Forcing users to pay twice for the same product is ugly and unfriendly. Your target are home users and web developers. Both groups are multiplatform. You sell air. There is no problem for you generate for users two keys. The multiplatform license is common today as you may see on []Office or []Suite software. Also the better price for Designer, Photo and Publisher pack will be welcome for both you and your customers. More users will start using the third program, which he not really needs and will learn it. It will help you with more publicity.

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