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  1. You guys need to seriously fix the symbol function. Since it is buggy and randomly breaks connection. Made worse by the fact it cannot be fixed. You have to redo everything. frustrating! I had to delete the symbol. create the symbol again and then replace all the places the symbol was in 30+ art boards. not a good workflow.
  2. attached is a screen recording showing how the H & W are not matching in symbol Screen Recording 2022-04-25 at 2.51.34 PM.mov
  3. both curves are not updating W and H. even though one as solid orange. the dotted curve was updating W and H yesterday but then stopped working. no idea why it got unlinked.
  4. One symbol has an item that has orange dots. it W and H is not updating but color is. one item has solid orange and its W and H is not updating but color is. but another symbol the W and H are updating. seems buggy.
  5. if I create a new symbol it immediately shows in layers unlinked attributes: transform/constraints. again why?
  6. looking at the four symbols on in this file. all have unlinked attributes: transform/constraints. why?
  7. I have a base symbol for 30+ emojis. How did the symbol get unlinked attributes: transform/constraints? I did not unsync. now some size changed are not flowing to all the 30+ objects. how do I fix this? even if I drag a new symbol it is not updated. why is the symbol designed this way? this is so very frustrating! total workflow killer.
  8. thanks fde101, appearance does almost what I need. but what about each appearance items opacity? that needs to be adjustable for sure. please add opacity to the appearance panel. thank you. also please allow the use of PSD in the bitmap fill. I have tons of PSD textures. Sketch has no problem with PSD files in the texture fill.
  9. Sketch can have multiple stacked fills on the one object or symbol, including solid, gradient, textures (what they call a fill pattern). pattern is selected from your drive and then can set Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile. the opacity is adjusted for each fill. multiple fills really allow flexible interesting textures that you cannot easily do in Designer. interface is very easy to use and clean.
  10. I am not using LR, but I do use PS camera raw and it saves an XMP file with changes. I would like Photo to read the camera raw XMP files. I also would like Photo develop to save sidecar files too. Preferably saving in XMP file with open standards. I develop raw file and export as jpg, I do not save native Photo format. Then if I need to make a change, I have to do it again because no side car file was created like PS does. Please add develop side car reading and writing. Bridge also shows the xmp changes in preview making it very helpful. And people on this forum have recommended using Bridge as Serif won't make their own. XMP side car support seems critically important!
  11. Please move the More button items to the main dialog so their is only one larger export dialog. Everything should be on the one dialog needed for exporting. Please help us save the seconds of unnecessary waiting for more dialog to open and then close. Please just make the main export dialog bigger.
  12. +1 yes please make a replacement for bridge. we don't want to install CC. or bridge / lightroom.
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