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    To be honest, InDesign doesn't have the best ePub workflow either. In order to make ePub export really useful, it would have the following features: Normally I create two separate files for cover and book contents. When creating an ePub I'd like to make a rectangular mask selection from the cover file to include as first page in the ePub file. The same for the back cover at the back of the book and optional cover flaps Option: skip one or more cover pages. Also, some pages are intenionally blank (for example to start a chapter on the right page). These can also be removed. Option: Page numbers and any other master text fields from the master spread can or cannot be included as text in a reflowable ePub Option: Tables and anchored image captions can or cannot be embedded as picture (converted to bitmap) Option: anything that looks like an URL can or cannot be converted to an actual hyperlink Option: Rotate large graphics that were facing outward (from the spine) back to the text orientation Option: Fill and update metadata from tagged text frames (like Title, Author, Copyright notice). All these fields are present in the print text That last option would require text frames in Publisher to be taggable. This is not the case as of today.
  2. I recently downloaded Affinity Publisher as I want to move away from Adobe's subscription model for Creative Cloud InDesign. I create books for a living, and typically, one book project takes me 3 to 6 weeks to finish (lots of communication with editors and content creators, prepress and so on). So, in order to fully appreciate the workflow and features offered by Affinity Publisher, I'd like to be able to try the app for 20 to 40 days in my own pace, much like how Scrivener's trial model works. Would that be possible?

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