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  1. So, does Affinity Publisher allow data merge on Mac as well? Is it true? when did that happen? Or is it just a beta version for Windows as of today November 2020?
  2. humm not really. I have some projects that I do with Word when it doesn't required anything so professional. But if I have to work on a professional designed layout I would never be able to work with Word. I tried importing jpg onto Word for example, but the freedom you have with Indesign is just unlimited. I only wish I could merge Excel in Indesign instead of using CSV. Affinity would be definitely ahead of the game if they offer that feature for pros.
  3. Here is my contribution to the topic. If Serif adds data merge using excel or number files I would definitely buy it. And I'm hoping to have a version of Publisher on iPad Pro in the future.
  4. I'm adding my vote for data merge on Publisher please. Would be a big advantage to import variable data directly from Excel files. Indesign does only with .csv files so I have to convert every time.
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