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  1. I understand the problems of images taken from the internet. in my case the images are all of the same size, quality and are present on my server and are posted by the users of my app. The csv file should be ok, I made several tests
  2. Thanks to your help I was able to create my document. Now I have a question and a problem. Question: can I also put a url in the images and then insert images from the Internet? Problem: in the original document I have 49 players, in the csv file 49 records, in the created document only 42 players, see image...
  3. Same browser same account, I don't know what changed but now I was able to download the file
  4. This attachment is not available. Please put the afpub file inside a zip file and attach it again otherwise it cannot be downloaded
  5. Anon2 very interesting your post! Could you edit the afpub file I posted so I understand how to work? Should I replace the text fields with a table?
  6. Thanks anon2 for the reply. If I only see one record, how do I know if I have inserted the right record in the right place in the document?
  7. Thanks for the help Old Bruce, but that's not what I need. The texts must be automatically taken from the .csv file and I need 4 text fields and not just one for each player
  8. Thanks for the help Dominik. but I can not. could you help me? I attach a zipo file with the csv and afpub file inside data-merge.zip
  9. In your example there is always record 10 of the csv file. I would like to assign to each image a specific record of the csv file. I have to do many similar documents and I would like to avoid writing all the data, I would like to take them automatically from csv files. I don't have a table, but many individual text fields.
  10. I would like to connect the data present in the csv file to obtain the result visible in the Second image? If I connect the csv file and insert the various fields to the various images, the same record is always displayed as seen in the first image. Is it possible to insert many records of the same csv file on one page of a document?
  11. Both the file and the images are in D: my second HD inside my PC, they are not on the network. I uploaded the file to dropbox
  12. YES also if I export only one page I see the error as seen in the two attached images
  13. I have a two-page document measuring 70x100cm. When I go to export to pdf I get an export error message. on the two pages there are 5 large photos and a very heavy 300dpi background. Even if I remove the background, the same error always appears I use Publisher with windows 10 in Italian
  14. I would like to use data merge but can't find how to insert data into Publisher document I can't find the field panel In the Data Merge Manager dialog box I don't see the various records of my csv file. I did not find anything in the program guide and video tutorials Can the data present in the csv file be inserted only inside a table or also in different places of the Publisher document as single text boxes? data merge.afpub data merge.csv
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