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  1. Many thanks for the help!!! Data merge should be enhanced
  2. I can leave the files I use Libre Office, which format do you recommend? What formats can be used in V2? Is it possible to use many sources in V2?
  3. I had already tried several times to update the link, without success. I downloaded the two files you attached, now it works. The new afpub file is 30%+ heavy!
  4. The problem is because V2 displays so many errors and V1 doesn't It happens with other files too Data merge in V2 doesn't seem to be improved solo calendari 50x70 2022-23.afpub
  5. If I save it as xlsx I have to delete the source and put all the fields back, there are about 500! it's a very long job. It happens with other files too.
  6. NO! no changes have been made to any files, no moves. Just open the same file with the two versions of Publisher
  7. If I open the file with V1 everything OK If I open the file with V2 I see many errors No changes to the file No changes to the .csv data source see attachments
  8. Old Bruce in this video Data Merge | Tutorial Affinity Publisher per desktop (serif.com) is seen using two csv files at about 4:30 Ciao Daniele, mantenere aggiornato un file csv di circa 1000 righe e 3-400 colonne è molto complicato è molto più semplice gestire 4 file separati Hi Daniele, keeping up to date a csv file of 1000 rows and 3-400 columns is very complicated it is much easier to manage 4 separate files Komatös used Access about 20 years ago, it is not possible to have paginated pdfs like Publisher allows
  9. I am Italian and I use google Translate, I hope this is the right post to describe my problem I have 4 csv files: one with staff data (yellow background); one with the data of the players (light blue background); one with matches (red background); one with the data of a football team (green background). Row 2 of all files refers to team A, row 3 to team B, row 4 to team C etc ... (row 1 column header) In the table I would like to insert the data of each file. When I generate the file I would like all the tables to be populated and not just one. I would like to create a page with the data of row 2 of each file (not 4 pages), a page with the data of row three of each file etc ... It's possible? I can not do it :( See attached image
  10. Thanks for the reply. I wish it was added soon.
  11. In Publisher there is the data merge function, in Designer (recently purchased) I can't find it. Exists?
  12. I understand the problems of images taken from the internet. in my case the images are all of the same size, quality and are present on my server and are posted by the users of my app. The csv file should be ok, I made several tests
  13. Thanks to your help I was able to create my document. Now I have a question and a problem. Question: can I also put a url in the images and then insert images from the Internet? Problem: in the original document I have 49 players, in the csv file 49 records, in the created document only 42 players, see image...
  14. Same browser same account, I don't know what changed but now I was able to download the file
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