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  1. no problem. thx for confirmation and your assistance ... looking hopefully forward to an update :-) BR Sandro
  2. And now it is also broken for the users where it worked in Mojave ... as you can read in this topic. does it work for you in Catalina?
  3. In Mojave the „Edit in AP“ Plugin (which handover to AP) works fine and only the Extensions which work directly in photos (e.g. Develop) are broken. Now in Catalina also „Edit in AP“ is broken (and I‘m pretty sure for all users). so it is definitely an other problem. BR Sandro
  4. I also have this problem with the final Catalina Version delivered by Apple today - isn't longer possible to save images back to photo - with all affinity plugins. Would be nice if Affinity will fix this asap ... Thx and BR Sandro
  5. Sandro1802

    Develop Extension Crash

    Hi, thx for your answer ... so I looking forward and I hope it will be fixed asap ... because the plugin is very nice and important for me :-) BR Sandro
  6. Sandro1802

    Develop Extension Crash

    Hi, I also have this issue with the Photos Extension. I use it with NEF Files (Nikon Raw). Is there already a timeline when it will fixed? thx Sandro

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