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  1. Think I've found a solution, it's so simple! https://youtu.be/dmygXu7PX_0
  2. Yep, having this problem. Took photographs of a friend's art in a gallery. When I use the perspective cropping tools in Affinity to correct the perspective rather than refiguring the aspect ratio, it defaults to the original canvas size. Not at all what I'm after. Anyone know a fix for this, am I missing a setting somewhere? Thanks!
  3. OH NO! I was just using Affinity Photo, ran the update on my Mac to 10.15.4 and now all the tools are un-selectable!!! OMG Apple does it again, "Download the latest hardware outdate now!" I've tried restarting the computer and deleting and reinstalling Affinity Photo on my Mac. What a pain in the butt. I also got a notification that the new Wacom tablet I just purchased is using a legacy something or other and that I'll have to contact the developer. Oh my frolicking goodness! Can anyone help?
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