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  1. Sorry I didn't noticed your reply. I just visualised the C button cause this, not the virtual keybord. It's happening with keyboard+mouse button. I disabled my radeon overlay but still crashing. My assistant was on state. Maybe that's the reason? I don't know, but I uploaded my appdata. Thank you
  2. Lot of forum topic about this but answer is nowhere. So the software can't do it and that's a shame.
  3. Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AcBLjF9CKvSWjrFC6
  4. Hi there, I finished the logo. I had to recreate the lines what I used to frame because that lines wasn't close. I used a donuts shape at the end Thank you the helps
  5. Thank you gdenby, I can't try now (just later) what you recommended but I can response few things: The transparency is not a problem if I using EPS. I have to use EPS because I want to register myself to here. Only 2 format accepted, AI and EPS. This is a test task. If I understanding well do you recommend me for example to duplicate the strokes and connect the endpoints? I can't avoid this? I hate to close everything but I'm coming from pixel world and maybe this is a technical limitation what I'm not understand yet. But I think this will be the solution. Use the fill tool
  6. Hi thomaso, Thank you the answer. If I want to merge layers as you recommended me this happening: This results would be ideal without the FX Thank you
  7. Hi there, I never worked with vector software so this is the first time and I'm not an expert pen tool user. I would like to export an EPS file but my first try was fail. I found tha answer in this forum if I using an FX that's rasterizing the layers. I would like to use correct a vector file. If I remove FX from the file the vector is working. But this FX was a gradient effect through the layers so affected to every object. But I don't know how can I replace the FX to something else. Because if I want to make a gradient that affects only one layer. If I want to use this gradient in
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