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  1. Hello I am sorry that I could not answer earlier. And of course I meant to shapes (sorry, my English is just school English). So I can close this topic because I was so frustrated and reinstalled the app. So far, the error has not occurred. But as I tried to explain the bug: The shapes are automatically filled with a colour when placed. I remove the filled colour and everything looked transparent. When I saved the illustration, the background was white. But I think I found the issue, why it was not transparent anymore. On the export overlay next to the Mattesetting, is the size of the exported canvas. I usually work with 6400px x 6400px. When I used shapes, the settings at the export will be bigger (9120px x 9129px) and this was the problem I didn‘t realise before. Now I control every setting in Detail befor the export. Greets Maddy
  2. Hey there my name is Maddy! I‘m new here & if I make any mistake just tell me! I think I have found a bug in Designer for iPad. So I made a design with vectors & forms and have selected all options, that the exported png has a transparent background (transparent setting at the beginning, transparent setting in the document, while export selecting png & letting all options like they are). But when I save the design on my iPad via the sharing option on the bottom left, it makes a white background. It worked before without any problems. Then I tried an illustration without predone formes like hearts or stars & the export with transparent background worked perfectly fine. I have to say, when the formes don‘t have a preselected filling color, it workes as well. But when placing the form with colour & then remove it, the export will have again a white background even if the transparent Settings are activated. when I bring the design with the new white background back in the Designer, the background is automatically transparent again! I hope you can understand, what I mean (I am not a native English speaker) Greets, Maddy
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