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  1. Hello, Education is a fine thing and I thank everyone on this thread for hanging in there with me. It actually took some tutorials from Designer to help me work out the issue. An incomplete understanding of how masters are adjusted after creation was at the root of it all. Instead of making adjustments on the Guides Manager, I was trying to alter actual objects on the master page and still doing even that wrong. The end result was masters over-laid on each other, each with their own set of margins etc., all the while without any columns set properly anywhere. So, pat yourself on the back for having tried to help and remove this thread from your watchlist. Dale
  2. Hi Walt and Richard - thanks for the replies. My big issue is that Publisher appears to create a new layer for each an every object you create. I am accustomed to creating a layer upon which I can place multiple objects that I want to group together. And so for Publisher and Designer, yes their layers work the same way which is still unfathomable to me. I can create a new layer, the Layer panel allows me to add objects to the layer but they still only appear one at a time and only when I select them. I am accustomed to all of the objects on a layer to be controlled as a group and for there to be lock and visibility controls on each layer. Can you tell me what the model is for Affinity layers? If the model is as Richard says - that *2* layers are created and are not global across the whole doc - then I definitely have no understanding. Why would layers be designed like this - hardly seems to *layers* Dale
  3. Sorry Lee, I've moved beyond that by trashing the entire document and starting over. Although frankly I don't know what causes it so there is little chance I can dupe it for a screen recording.I'm on version 5 now and each one gets better as I learn the little nuances. I admit I'm tired of constantly starting over - 18 page doc - but it's the only way I can find to work around these troublesome Master Pages. I just created a master page b with what I thought was a better configuration than the original. I dropped the text into the new frames and it was looking good so I deleted master page a. Then I discovered an old frame from master page a in the document and there seems to be no way I can get rid of it. And now any subsequent text I try to add to the new frames gets dumped in what appears to be an uneditable text frame that's out of bounds on the page and can't even be moved. Meanwhile, my new frame layout is also untouchable and it's bounding box has some pale blue x's on it. It seems there are a lot of ways to mess up your layout and none to fix the problems. Maybe I just don't understand how masters work. In the video tutorial, it appears you can create a master and edit to your heart's content while watching the changes flow into the spreads where it's being used. I just can't get there. Any time I try to adjust a Master after it's initial setup and I start to run into these screwball issues. So here I go again with version 6. Edit: added a couple of screen shots of my current situation if that's any help.
  4. I've been trying to find more information on Publisher's layers. The Layer panel doesn't work as experienced in other programs and it's causing a lot of trouble. Can we get a snazzy video tutorial on how Publish layers work. Rather than simply stepping me through the controls it would be nice to know when a layer is automatically created and why, how I should approach using layers and things NOT to do when working with layers. Thanks!
  5. I'm having a persistent issue with positioning some Tables on the page, and I can't seem to rectify it. I noticed while placing new tables that on occasion the table would align to the left edge of a column and is very difficult to change that behaviour. I think that layers are part of the problem - I've been able to correct most issues by fiddling with them, but not really understanding the problem in the first place, none of the fiddling made sense even though it worked. I've setup guides to regulate where the left and right edges of the table should be located. The right table edge snaps nicely to the guide. When I try to align the left table edge, the table appears to snap to guide as expected, but when I stopping depressing the mouse button, the whole table jumps back to the left margin and doesn't respect the already snapped right edge moving it left as well. I'm off to read about layers. While trying to deal with this I noticed that it appears my Master Page has been applied more than once - it appears in the layer list twice. Using the check marks to the right to change layer visibility seems to indicate that some of my content is using the first instance of the layer, while others are using the second instance. Any help much appreciated! Dale
  6. Thanks. I didn't see that. Unfortunately. it doesn't work for documents you've already setup. The program says it's only applicable to new documents. Is there some way to repair an already created document? Or will I have to suck the content out of the existing file and paste it into a new document and redo all of my layout? EDIT: Got it! I recalled there was an option to import styles. So I saved a blank document with the newly restored styles and then imported from that. All seems to be back to 'normal' (yeah, what exactly *is* normal). Thanks for your help - as you can tell I'm new to the software. Thanks! Dale
  7. Is there a way to restore the Text Styles panel to it's default, installed state? I have somehow lost all of those styles while trying to follow the video tutorial on how to use Text Styles. Now when I open the panel there are three entries. The first is unlabeled except for an ellipsis. Clicking the 'expand" arrow on the left reveals a lot of settings, none which can be affected in any way. The second entry is marked as a Paragraph style with no meaningful name [No Style]. The third entry is marked as a Character style with no meaningful name [No Style]. Thank you Dale
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