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  1. I could not agree more. Moving images are the de facto standard for many graphics tasks these days. A basic toolset with the awesome usability and integration within the Affinity family would be an extraordinary step forward. From my point of view, it does not have to be a competitor to Adobe Animate, Toon Boom or graphics animation like After Effects/Apple Motion right out of the box. However, a simple 2D animator like a timeline with easy-to-use keyframe editor would be awesome already. Basically an extension based on what is already there with Photo and Designer. It could easily be integrated (or blended out if not needed) with a new "animate" persona from within Affinity Designer or Photo. An in-between sequencer or interpolation - like the one Blender's grease tool offers - would be a wonderful addition, as well. And if the demand is there, this tool could grow up on this basis. It would be wonderful to animate with the tools and the power of Affinity Photo/Designer, let alone all the brushes we got in our collection already. I think there's a more than solid basis for such an animate persona or an additional Affinity animate application in place. Of course, this is wishful thinking. Wishful thinking because I like the usability and the interface of the Affinity products so much and would like to grow with these tools. Blender can do a lot with its powerful grease tool in this matter but the interface is a whole different beast unfortunately.