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  1. I just found a free app in Microsoft shop UK that puts an icon on my task bar and does an excellent job. I can then crop etc in Serif Photoplus. Problem sorted. Thanks for all the interest and suggestions.
  2. So far windows 10 and Norton 360 do not like any of the free conversion software recommended as the best 8 online. Obviously not registered publishers but I am not risking my computer for anything Norton doesn't pass.
  3. Are talkhelper aor Docufreezer safe. My windows has blocked opening as unknown authors.
  4. I did download the 64 bit version with ghostscript but couldn't work out how to use it. I put a pdf file in and it wouldn't open it.
  5. I don't understand InfanView amd I downloaded ghostscript too. I had hoped it would work with noteworhty on its own but it doesn't. InfanView doesn't open my pdf files, it just changed all my default apps on arrival
  6. I have had Noteworthy software on my PC all this time and I just updated it to the newest version. I opened it up and copied the font into my fonts folder but it doesn't work with affinity still. I shall try Ifanview sugested by Fixx and let you know how I get on.
  7. Thanks and I have changed my username. How did you know I use notworthy software and can I download the font for Affinity? if so I might reinstall it but I find it very complicated to use.
  8. My very old photoshop is no longer working with the new windows 10 and I used to use it to open my music files and then convert them to jpeg so that they could be inserted into my word worksheet documents. Serif Photoplus doesn't open PDF files and I had hoped that the new Affinity would. It does but the result is gobbledy gook with music converted to sort of letters and not just as it is. This is not as good as photoshop used to be and so I assume it is even better now. Does anyone have a solution? I am uninstalling it because all my pdf files have been corrupted! Note pairs 2 for Treble Ws 7.pdf
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