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  1. Thank you for the Information, it was a little surprising thought you finished the beta. And the Publisher 1.7.1 said (of course) there ist no update you have the latest version. Will try and for sure it will help. By the way I really love your programms although the Designer and Photo. I allready worked since 9 years with your Serif Software.
  2. use the Publisher 1.7.1. Thought it was solved. but ... See attached File. Button Test.afpub
  3. Hello, first sorry for my english it isn't my first language. The Export of PDFs (Web or PDFX3) is not correct. When I use a circle or one of the other Grafiks it shows a black cross. That's normal while doing a layout but it has to be gone in the PDF. It doesn't. With this I attach an example from an PDFX3 screenshot. - I'm working with an apple desktop computer. Is there äny solution cause it has to go for printing soon. Greatings