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  1. Thank you for this [GrinningShark], I have had this problem with Mojave (my Catalina seems fine). I have versions v1.8.3 for Photo and Designer. I have not had this problem ever since using the original betas, but recently it has occurred. I use an iPad that saves to iCloud. I am reporting this in case the developers like to know if it still occurs. The fix has fixed it.
  2. I have had problems with Publisher v1.7.2 also. An embedded af designer with artboards slows the redraw with the text, so much so, embedding another art board from the same document made it impossible to continue. I was able to save each artboard (8 of them) into separate png files and it seems to have fixed it. Also I have had the printing problem, where it would crash, which has been reported. I did not find any reference to the slowing of the redraw of text, so thought I should report it. (I found the same with the Windows and Mac versions).
  3. Yes would be nice to be able to set text boxes or images to non-print. (Yes, I see there are workarounds.) Have to keep some information private but need to have proofs approved, then at publish time, simply turn them off (so they then print.) Presumably it would be nice to be able to track them so you know what pages they are on, or optional placeholder indication that is placed on top at print to indicate something will be there. I am hoping this would be possible in the future in Designer and Publisher.
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