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  1. A picture is worth a thousand words, I guess: Anyone can spot the difference?
  2. No, I did not. The ones you presented here are the PSD, SVG and IMDL icons which I was not referring to. I clearly said: "afdesign, afpub and afphoto icons", so I was talking about the other three icons he designed. It is not about recognizing icons or not. It is about easily spotting the right ones. When icons are pretty similar to each other (which the new Affinity document icons are), then UX suffers.
  3. Unfortunately I have to disagree. While I was also not a fun of the old document icons (using the app's own icon is surely a bad choice) , the new ones are even worse than those used to be. I don't know about others, but most of the time I use either list or column views, and it is impossible to see the completely unnecessary labels of the extensions written on the icons themselves. I do not think we are often looking at 256x256+ pixel versions of the icons, so big dimensions do not count in usability. The new document icons are just generic white sheet icons with some hard to tell apart tiny colored spots on them. Just look at my everyday view of these icons: I would expect a company like Serif to do a better work than this. I hope they are going to fix these icons soon. @Lmpessoa Your afdesign, afpub and afphoto icons are great! Clearly distinguishable even in tiny sizes, and that thing DOES matter a lot. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Hello @Sean P I am not allowed share the file I'm afraid. BTW, in the meantime v 1.7.1 let me down too, unfortunately. Even though the copy/paste operation worked there, when I changed text styles in the text frame in question, somehow non-detached symbols place on different artboards went out of sync. When trying to fix it, all artboards disappeared so I had to revert to the last saved document. I decided not to use pasted-in vectors within text frames, instead I press the spacebar a few times to make room for the vector icon and group the icon with the text frame. This is how a beginner would do it, but if the feature does not work properly, I have no choice but to use this hackish technique.
  5. Hello, I have documents created with Designer 1.7.1. I pasted a vector logo into a text frame (which is in a symbol, if it matters or not I do not know). When copy/pasting the text frame in Designer 1.7.1 all is good. However, updating to 1.7.3 results in a crash when performing the copy operation of the text frame. To me, the last stable versions of Designer and Publisher are 1.7.1 as I also ran into a serious bug when using Publisher 1.7.2, see: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/96343-publisher-172-embedded-document-related-bugs/ I am pretty busy these days, so I have no time to test which application versions are reliable and which are not, so I cannot investigate such issues further. 1.7.1 versions are not bug free either but at lest no serious bugs emerge in my workflow. That is why trying to update1.7.1 is something I will try to avoid in the near future for sure.
  6. +1 for the improvements suggested above. Thanks in advance
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