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  1. Hello @Sean P I am not allowed share the file I'm afraid. BTW, in the meantime v 1.7.1 let me down too, unfortunately. Even though the copy/paste operation worked there, when I changed text styles in the text frame in question, somehow non-detached symbols place on different artboards went out of sync. When trying to fix it, all artboards disappeared so I had to revert to the last saved document. I decided not to use pasted-in vectors within text frames, instead I press the spacebar a few times to make room for the vector icon and group the icon with the text frame. This is how a beginner would do it, but if the feature does not work properly, I have no choice but to use this hackish technique.
  2. Hello, I have documents created with Designer 1.7.1. I pasted a vector logo into a text frame (which is in a symbol, if it matters or not I do not know). When copy/pasting the text frame in Designer 1.7.1 all is good. However, updating to 1.7.3 results in a crash when performing the copy operation of the text frame. To me, the last stable versions of Designer and Publisher are 1.7.1 as I also ran into a serious bug when using Publisher 1.7.2, see: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/96343-publisher-172-embedded-document-related-bugs/ I am pretty busy these days, so I have no time to test which application versions are reliable and which are not, so I cannot investigate such issues further. 1.7.1 versions are not bug free either but at lest no serious bugs emerge in my workflow. That is why trying to update1.7.1 is something I will try to avoid in the near future for sure.
  3. Yes it did. I could click on the "Embed button" in order to embed it again: Thank you! It's my mistake to update a few days after a new version of app has been released. Normally I wait for weeks to avoid being sort of a beta tester. I do not know what happened to me today Anyway, keep up the good work! Publisher is the most productive app you sell (as it is in pair with InDesign, at least for me), following Designer which I also like A LOT but its feature-set is not yet there for me to replace Illustrator just yet, and the last one is Photo, which I cannot use for any useful work, but I am hoping one day you will add "Smart Object" with all sorts of distorting options so that I can start using it too.
  4. Hello, I have updated to Publisher 1.7.2 from v1.7.1.408, but after experiencing the following bugs I quickly downgraded to I have a document created in with an embedded Publisher document which used to be a linked one but I used the Resource Managed to embed it in order to introduce changes to it. After updating to 1.7.2, this embedded Publisher document reverted back to be linked, so Publisher reloaded the original and all the applied changes were lost. Out of curiosity, I embedded the document once more and introduced some changes to it. After closing the open tab of the embedded document, its main view and its layer preview was not updated, as if I had not made any changes to it. In the layer panel I made the embedded document's layer invisible then visible again, and the views were updated this way. Alfter experiencing all this, I downgraded to and opened up a backup of the document so that I can make sure I do not work with something that was changed by 1.7.2. Reading other forum topics, others are also having serious issues with 1.7.2 so I guess it is not too safe to update to it.
  5. +1 for the improvements suggested above. Thanks in advance
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