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  1. This would be awesome for sure. Photoshop's built-in scrollable browser hangs hardcore when you add your own to LUT's to it.... which makes it totally useless >_<.
  2. LUT's are pretty essential when you reach a certain level of compositing, a proper browser is desperately needed! I'd really love the ability to select a folder and scroll through multiple LUT's. Currently, you have to know exactly which one you want to use. An even more epic addition to this would be to not only scroll with mouse wheel or arrow through the LUT's and watching them apply in real-time but also to have a slider that you can swipe left and right to show you the result vs original. A browsable LUT explorer with a swipe in this format would be formidable. For an example of the swipe effect - https://luts.iwltbap.com/ The only thing out there like that is the Magic Bullet Suite. Which to be honest is total overkill for most people who just want to see some quick and easy colour grading. =)
  3. I'd love to see Cryptomatte's for Affinity! You can now use them in Photoshop, the free plugin Exr-IO 2.0 was recently released and supports it. FYI the creators of Cryptomatte were Jonah Friedman and Andy Jones from Psyop, not a Blender group.... https://github.com/Psyop/Cryptomatte
  4. Ah that's a shame. Hopefully there will be soon!
  5. Hi, Has this been solved yet? I'm getting the same problem. I've attached an image showing how it looks :S. First time using the program; haven't changed any settings from default.
  6. Hi, Is there anything available for Affinity Photo like this product? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3vHPdwM8co

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