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  1. Ah ok, that's a shame. Hopefully it makes its way into Affinity Photo at some point. I tried the direction setting but its too restrictive, forces a painter into a predefined box etc.
  2. Hi, I'd like to add some colour variation into my paintings but the dynamic jitter applies the variation to every step, instead of every time I apply an new stroke. How do I set this dynamic change to occur once per stroke. So I can vary color between strokes, rather than within each individual stroke. If it helps i'm trying to follow the mini tute/ tip in the image attached Thanks, J
  3. Hi, A default behaviour which drives me crazy is the way Affinity Photo handles colour selection and masking. Example: If you paint with the colour red and blue > create a mask > select the mask box, now your brushes are greyscale value of red and blue instead of black and white. After manually setting white and black, do your masking > switch back to painting.... the colour selection has changed to black and white so you have to manually restore your colours with the colour picker. Do a bit more painting for 20-30 seconds, oops I need to fix that mask up. Click back on the mask > manually set it to black and white> mask the areas > click back on the layer > manually select my colours again etc etc This is a redundant workflow, its a massive time waste when it should be a totally different dialogue for masking. There is an option for a hotkey to reset the brush colours to black and white, so you don't have to manually select.... but then your layer colours are gone!! And you have to colour pick them again anyways. So frustrating. Why would you ever want an auto greyscale value of your currently selected colour for use within masking? And why would you not want your layer colours auto restored to continue working with? I really want to like Affinity Photo but it makes things harder than they need to be ;0
  4. Can we please get this simple and basic utility added in 2021. What's the legit reason to not have it? To close to Photoshop? Would that make it copying? .
  5. Replying to this as the problem is solved. It was either updating to a newer version or switching off the Hardware Acceleration, they were the only changes that happened.
  6. +1 I don't understand why a search functionality is being withheld. Scrolling through drop down lists in hope of finding something is not a productive use of time.
  7. Until you said that, I never considered that right click and pen tap would work. My bad. Misunderstood how it was working. For some reason I had it in my head both buttons were required. Brain fart that the other button is middle mouse. /facepalm.
  8. Hi, What is going on here with the transforms behaviour being different if you have a single object select or multiple objects selected or even a vector shape?. To scale an single object, keeping aspect ratio - drag the transform corners. To scale an multiple objects, keeping aspect ratio - drag the transform corners + shift To scale a vector shape, keeping aspect ration - drag the transform corners + shift Whaaaaa? Single object transform options behave different to multi object transform options. But multi object transform options and single vector shape behave the same Single vector shape and multiple selected vector shapes behave the same (as expected) Why is this different, the same functionality shouldn't be backwards if you simply have multiple objects selected, or change if it's a vector shape. Is there a logical reasoning for this I've missed? It seems like a single object/ pixel layer transform is the odd one out here. Is this a bug? It's very confusing. I like not having to press shift to constrain, it's the most used transform variation. Surely it would be better to maintain the same function throughout all transforms no matter if it's single pixel layer, multi pixel layer or vector!
  9. I really want to be able to change the flood select add from "right mouse" to "shift button".... so i can use my Wacom Pen! But there seems to be no option in the preferences > keyboard shortcuts? As a side note, in order to be able to find anything it should be searchable in the preferences. Currently the search doesn't allow you to find keyboard commands. Instead you have intuitively know what it might be called and guess where it's located?
  10. Oops definitely should have included that in original post , it's version
  11. Hello, I've been dealing with a rather annoying bug where the program soft crashes. It remains open, however non of the tools , actions or hotkeys etc work. I can still click on layers/ menus but I can't use the brush or pan around or erase or pick a colour etc etc. This happens most often after copying and pasting. However it also just does it randomly. Problem is fixed by restarting the program.... until it soft crashes again ;). Cheers, J
  12. Where is this located. The keyboad preferances is created in such a way that you have to know exactly where the tool is located between 30 sub menus..... zzzz
  13. Thanks for the tip. Pretty annoying it doesn't auto swtich. The hotkey is a good stop gap solution.
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