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  1. Hello, I also found a mistake of translation, and I would like to share that. When we try to close a modified document, Affinity Designer shows a dialog, and the mistake is in the dialog. The dialog says: “<名称未設定>は削除されています。 ドキュメントを閉じようとしています。変更内容を保存しますか?” The English meaning is: “<Untitled> has been deleted. The document is about to close, would you like to save your changed?” I think that a correct Japanese message is: “<名称未設定>は変更されています。 ドキュメントを閉じようとしています。変更内容を保存しますか?”. Current Dialog Images: Version: Affinity Designer
  2. Hello, Affinity Users and Staff. I found a problem in the alignment function when I was editing nodes of a curve. Problem: The option of Align to is inverted. Although Last Selected is enabled, nodes are aligned to the first selected node in some cases, and vice versa. align.mp4 align.afdesign
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