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  1. Is there a reason these don’t seem to want to import on my ipad? I download them, go to import styles and they are greyed out.
  2. JonnyS


    1 year later it seems like this is still a problem Devs?
  3. Thanks, it's been years since I've been on iOS I appreciate the tips! Makes sense now. Thanks to Alfred too. cheers!
  4. I have used the save, export and save as copy feature and all my files are GONE. Gone. gone. Do I need to save the copies somewhere outside the Designer save folder? maybe I'm misunderstanding. I appreciate the responses.
  5. So from now on I just need to only save documents to an external folder that I've created on the Ipad storage or cloud storage? WOW I cannot believe that is the design of the apps on IPAD what a serious design flaw. 20 hours of work gone. Q.Q is the app always this unstable?
  6. My app kept crashing, so I read I should delete the app and reinstall... however when I deleted the app, my entire folder with all my projects disappeared.... This is a horrible design flaw unless there’s something I’m missing? Is there any way to recover all of that work I did? It seems the app is not very stable as I’ve been encountering a lot of crashing. Any help to save all of the design work I did would be immensely appreciated. Thank you.
  7. I feel very dumb right now. All day I’ve been trying to figure out how to cut a section of a design out so that you can arrange the design to tile. Every time I use the square marquee tool on a section, and cut or copy, it acts as though there is nothing selected and will delete the entire layer. There must be some simple way to do this? Additionally, is there any way to keep the guide visible while you’re using other tools? It still works for snapping but isn’t visible. Thank you from an AD newb.