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    @ Alfred: That's why I asked for it...
  2. evandijken


    AHA!I was indeed thinking of translating the user interface because I had seen that Affinity is available in many languages. Now it appears that only the help function is available in many languages! I don't think it's in Dutch ... Or is it ...?
  3. evandijken


    Excuse me ...The question was intended for forum members! Maybe there is an expert here who wants to translate ....
  4. Is there an expert here who can translate the text of Affinity into Dutch?
  5. evandijken

    Exporting jpg's...

    @ walt: OK...…, I think....., I understand.....! I will try and will tell you my experience!
  6. evandijken

    Exporting jpg's...

    @ walt: Thanks!With your last sentence: "Then it would finish by exporting them wherever you want in whatever format (s) you want." do you mean that I, after I did some things with a macro to them) have to export the jpg's (300 of them) piece by piece by hand?I understand that it is not possible with a macro?
  7. evandijken

    Exporting jpg's...

    @ Walt: If I try to batch- EXPORT jpg's then I get this message: "Macro recorder cannot record "Export item"". I've seen a movie: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/84025-macro-recorder-cannot-record-export-item/ where one can see a workaround. As a Dutch I don't understand it very well. That's why I asked if it possible to streamline the whole thing... Eric
  8. Is it possible to streamline the batch process of exporting (lot off, folder with) jpg's?
  9. Ok thank you Lee D, a step further! Eric
  10. Hello all,I want to adjust a jpg first with: curves and then by using: ctr j> filters> sharpen> high pass sharpen. I cannot get the gray high pass screen.Who helps me further?If, after your help, I get the gray high pass screen, how do I proceed so that I can save the photo? Please step by step.... Thanks in advance,Eric
  11. To everyone: OK I have it! Thank You!
  12. @Alfred: OK,OK, I did what you wrote, Thanks, But I do not see neither edited nor my original photo. Only grey! Please step by step
  13. Thank you! But: I found blend mode to ll or Overlay but where do I found: reduce overlay and.... I don't see my photo as I asked! Please, don't overestimate me, I asked, please, step by step!
  14. Hello hereI am new here: (I am still using the trial version.)I try to sharpen my photos with High pass filter. I have watched several films on YouTube for that, but they are going too fast! People talk too fast and I usually cannot see which buttons are pressed.My question now is: Is there someone who shows me step by step how to do?So far I have done the following: Photo loaded> Filters> Sharpen> High pass ...> Dragging the radius slider until I want the edges I want> But then? I can't see what people are doing to see the photo!Maybe even more tips for an interested person?Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello here, I'm very new here, using the tryal…. I'm trying High pass sharpening. I saw some YouTube examples etc etc. But they are too fast! I can't see wich button they push, are talking too fast. Im a Dutchman. Who can inform me to use high pass sharpening, step by step? I'm so far as start High pass by Filters> Sharpen> High pass...> drag the radius button> Until I see some outlines I like. But then???? I like to see my picture! I can't follow the demonstrations because they are too fast! Thanks in advance!