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  1. Hey there guys, love Affinity apps. I'm attempting to record a macro which doubles the dimensions of my files and then applies an unsharp mask. When using Resize Document, it appears that you can only set a fixed width and height, which results in many of my images being distorted. I then discovered the Resize Pixel Art Document... option, but that lacks the advanced various resampling options (I usually use Bilinear) and thus the results are actually a lot worse compared side by side to using the regular Resize Document option. Is there any way to batch resize images to a chosen factor (2x, 3x, .etc) using a Bilinear resampler in Affinity Photo? Thanks Fotis
  2. +1 to this, it's excessive to see these messages every single time you open Affinity Photo on Windows.
  3. Thanks, that makes sense. Though on the flip side, Affinity Photo should still not crash/poof under this (or any) circumstance. Your advice and help has definitely got me on the road again which is great, but still hoping to see the Serif devs repair this crash scenario; by all accounts it has to be considered a bug when the app crashes, regardless of user error. Huge thanks and have a great week Fotis
  4. Thank you so much for the reply, that does seem to do the trick and avoid the app from crashing. It would be good if the app could gracefully handle such scenarios without crashing though. Hoping that this can be reported to the devs for a fix in a future version.
  5. Hey guys, firstly here's my setup: Windows 10 Pro 1903 Affinity Photo (and also tested with the latest beta I've attached the file I'm using which is a score by Chopin which is freely available via a website known as IMSLP. Open the PDF Chopin - Waltzes Op.69.pdf with Affinity Photo In PDF Options, leave everything in its default state and hit OK You should now see 8 pages Zoom into page 1 Hit M to select the Rectangle Marquee Tool and draw a box around part of the score Hit Q to switch on Quick Mask Hit V to switch to the Move Tool Now adjust the the handles which appear around the select to change its size (adjust several of them a few times) You'll need to perform step 8 for about 10 - 30 seconds before Affinity Photo completely disappears without warning. There is no error found in the Event Viewer on my system at all either. I've uploaded a demonstration of this at https://1drv.ms/u/s!AobnWXPnBeTBgd5gEQXnYgvSec7fXA?e=kKkgXC Any help is greatly appreciated, this is causing me some huge headaches Fotis Chopin - Waltzes Op.69.pdf
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