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  1. Is there a hotkey for temporarily switching to the selection tool when using the color picker? I constantly keep hitting "V" and back to "I". I would expect to see a hotkey like Command/Control to temporarily switch to the selection (move) tool.
  2. One thing I dearly miss in Designer is the ability to scale skew and rotate a selection of vector points (vertices). Another small little thing that annoys me is that you can't use the ALT key to duplicate anything in the Layers palette even though that is how it works on the canvas. It would be nice to have some consistency.
  3. Not bad. But unfortunately, it doesn't work if your artwork contains corners with different radii. Typing 50% in the input field will set all corners to the same radius which is not what it should be doing IMO.
  4. Is there a way to scale corners proportionally without having to convert to curves? And why'll I'm at it, how about line thickness? Can that be scaled proportionally without expanding the stroke? Sorry if this has been answered before, it seems such an obvious thing to ask for but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  5. I see, thanks. But really, when adding a new feature like that, shouldn't it default to the old behaviour? It's very disruptive when you open an old file and it suddenly outputs differently.
  6. I'm pretty sure that in the past I exported PNGs from Designer with a functional alpha. Using the latest version, that doesn't seem to work anymore. Any ideas?
  7. Oh cool. Will you be supporting OpenEXR 2.x with tiled multi-resolution?
  8. Affinity Photo supports quite a few file formats out there. One that's sadly missing is .EXR, a format that's gained quite a bit of popularity in the world of 3D. One problem is of course that .EXR goes up to 32 bit/channel and Photo only goes up to 16 bit/channel. So my request doubles up as a request for 32 bits/channel support.
  9. Any reason why it's not available when using the HSL sliders? Or the Colour Wheel?
  10. Unless I'm mistaken, there aren't really any ways to manipulate the visibility of multiple layers in one go, like toggling the visibility of all other layers than the current one, solo-ing a layer or dragging over the visibility tick boxes to change multiple layers in one go. In fact, you can change the locking or opacity of multiple layers, but not the visibility. I admit some my examples smell a bit of the typical Adobe ways of doing things, which is not necessarily how it should be. It's more about the principal.
  11. Dunno, seems to be to plenty of space in the context toolbar for a tick box. :) Either way, it would be handy to be able to do it live on the canvas.
  12. Yes, I can see how that might come in handy. When working in complex documents in other applications, I'm constantly locking and unlocking layers.
  13. I see, could it be that "Edit All Layers" defaults to off? Either way, it was off and that's why I couldn't select anything with the Node Tool. Now it's working.
  14. With multiple shapes selected, it would be helpful to have the option to scale rotate or skew all shapes around their own local centre. It would allow you for instance to scale all flowers on a background without all those flowers travelling towards the centre of you scaling.
  15. Title pretty much says it. As the Node Tool can't be used to select a new shape (which is fine) it would make it more fluid if you could temporarily switch to the Move Tool by holding down the command key and switch back when releasing the command key.
  16. My first feature request: Scripting. That's how important I know it to be. I'm not too sure why people are so down on Applescript. You can quibble about the aesthetics of the syntax, but AFAIK there's nothing else with the same scope on the Mac where you can bring multiple applications together in one integrated workflow. Specially when you start using AppleScriptObj-C where you make fully fledged standalone applications that can control a whole raft of applications at the push of a button. Pretty powerful stuff. Of course, I don't know what the future holds for scripting on the Mac platform. They have announced support for Javascript, but that will only cover Yosemite.
  17. Hi, my name is Manu Roig. I have worked in the animation industry in London for almost 20 years, the last few years mostly as a designer using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Very happy to see some new blood appearing in the world of Mac graphics applications. Affinity looks really impressive for a version 1. Congratulations. I hope you guys will keep pushing Affinity to be as good as it can be.
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