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    Serif PagePlus allows me to insert a file (a Word document) with text and endnotes that are complete with superscript digits. I thought Affinity Publisher would be a better product, but as I am many hours behind in the midst of manually inserting superscript digits that were omitted when I placed text into Affinity Publisher, I conclude that Affinity Publisher is at present an inferior product.
  2. Currently I have Affinity Publisher open on my laptop but nothng happens when I click or make keystrokes. Task Manager does not say that Affinity Publisher is not responding, but it isn't. When this first happened Publisher was using more than 1 Gb memory out of 8 Gb on the laptop. The memory usage since it crashed has gone down to 54.3 Mb but I am still unable to close the program or save my work. Update: after more than an hour had elapsed, the program caught up with itself and closed, probably because I had clicked on the cross top right while it was unresponsive. I was able to open the program and open the file again (from a recovery file) with my changes saved.

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