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  1. Hi, finally it worked and again i opened it from the desktop to-day, so many thanks for your patience and perseverance, to let me finally have a program that I can use, and learn how to get on with it, regards Robert
  2. it is in the purchased folder with a cloud and an arrow under it but clicking on that either left or right click does nothing
  3. I do not find a purchased tab as such, but if I click on my logo at the bottom of the page i get a page listing my purchases, but no link to install and if I click on the affinity tab I just get more details of it but no purchase tab
  4. Hi,i am trying to reinstall on Mac and i bought it from the Mac App Store regards robert
  5. I am trying to reload affinity photo as it would not load after downloading and has now disappeared ,i went to my downloads and found when i downloaded it, but o cannot see how i download it again without paying for it again
  6. Hi Stokerg, applications has no icon for Affinity,and I am getting no error messages. crab dens
  7. I downloaded affinity photo yesterday from the App Store on to a 21 inch desktop Mac and today it is refusing to open, any suggestions would be welcome but I have only recently moved from windows to Mac so any corrections will have to be explicit thank you