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  1. "Eccentricities" is right Dave Vector! I will definitely check out your tutorial. Thanks.
  2. GarryP To The Rescue Again! 😊 Thanks for your quick reply. I had tried both Assistant options several times (child layer & new layer) but neither put the mask below Background. The attached image shows the result when I choose "child layer" option. It appears that even though the mask layer still isn't below the Background, it works. I'm using the latest Affinity Photo version 1.8. Tutorial created June 2018. Maybe there's just a difference in how the versions look? I was so intent on making my screen look exactly like the tutorial that I didn't even test th
  3. I'm following "Affinity Photo Tutorial For Beginners - Top 10 Things Beginners Want to Know". When video instructs me to "apply a mask to a photo" by selecting the Mask Icon the mask layer appears below (and indented) the Background layer. However, when I select Mask Icon the mask layer appears above Background as a separate layer. Attachment 1 - Photo of tutorial screen Attachment 2 - Image of my screen in Affinity Photo on laptop
  4. OK. I give up. How to create a rectangle shape on a layer; actually, 3 different layers with a different colored rectangle on each layer. I've tried to add pixel layer then choose the Rectangle Tool. (1) 1st problem is that the rectangle doesn't want to stop blinking even after I press Enter. (2) Then if I manage to get 2 layers each with a different colored rectangle, Affinity won't let me add a 3rd layer directly above the 2nd It creates 3rd layer but inserts blank Pixel Layer between 2nd & 3rd. Wanted my Affinity screen to look like the one in my attachment so co
  5. Sorry to post this problem again as I see it was discussed in June 2019. That discussion didn't provide a solution for me. I have A. Photo ver. 173481 on Windows 10 desktop. Can't find any option to enable Welcome Screen. No box to check or uncheck. Have searched through File>Preferences; no mention of W.S. there. Searched internet; no solution found. Any ideas? Attached is Screen Print when I open Affinity. Affinity Screen No Welcome.odt
  6. Sorry guys this question has probably already been discussed but I can't find it. After downloading the 1.7.1 update, should I delete the older version 1.6.5?
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