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    Report issues using Photo on iPadOS 13 Beta HERE

    I believe I have narrowed the LUT import bug to an iOS 13 issue. While still cannot import CUBE LUTs with iOS 12 and AP 12.7.2, am able to import 3DL LUTs. Cannot import any LUTs with iOS 13 and 12.7.1 or 12.7.2 as they are all greyed out.
  2. Champagne Ivers

    Loading LUTs in 1.7.0

    I reverted back to iOS 12 and last official AP release. Still doesn’t recognize CUBE luts, but no problem with 3DL.
  3. Champagne Ivers

    Loading LUTs in 1.7.0

    Still experiencing this issue with *.cube luts on iPadOS public beta 2 and AP on a 12.9" iPad Pro (3rd gen; 2018; 512 gb). Also, cannot import macros (greyed out in all storage locations just like LUTs). Thanks, Jason
  4. Champagne Ivers

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hello, I'm running iPadOS beta 2 and having multiple issues with AP 1.7.1. Do we still apply to participate in the AP beta 1.7.2 by emailing a request to AP with our information (as mentioned in an older thread pinned to this subforum)? Thanks!
  5. Champagne Ivers

    Report issues using Photo on iPadOS 13 Beta HERE

    Running iOS 13 beta 2 on gen 3 12.9 ipad pro with AP 1.7.1. New to AP, well versed in PS. Experiencing severe inpainting lag and indefinite freeze on export to PSD. As for the inpainting lag, usually starts as expected if I flatten or rasterize first (would prefer not to have to that to begin with), but then incredible lag several brush strokes in. If I don’t flatten or rasterize, lag starts with the first brush stroke. Project only consists of 24 mp photo with 6 to 8 adjustment layers. Also, unable to import *.cube luts; they are greyed out regardless of storage location.

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