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  1. That's remarkable Paul! Many thanks for your fast and helpful response.
  2. Possibly not a bug as such but when I select an image using the Place Image Tool the cursor sometime appears in my document in the form of an eye that enables me to size and position the image nicely into my text frame. However on other occasion the image just gets 'plonked' in, in a random size and then tends to stick so that I can't move it and have to delete and start again. Am I doing something wrong or is this a minor programming issue that needs to be tweaked? Windows 10.
  3. I only have to copy the attributes of a stroke, fill, object or text in Macromedia Freehand and I can then paste these attributes to other lines, fills, objects and texts elsewhere in the document to create a perfect match across any number of elements. Bricscad has a similar feature that allows hatch in a closed boundary to be copied and pasted into other boundaries. This is a huge time-saver I would love to see in the Affinity Suite.
  4. I had just amended an image of a roof (vector-file originally drawn in Macromedia Freehand.) It was contained within a text frame with text-wrap applied.
  5. I have been training myself to use Publisher / Designer / Photo by transcribing across an A5 booklet I was working on in Open Office Writer. This involved copying and pasting paragraphs of text and mixed raster / vector illustrations from Open Office Writer to Publisher. All went well until I tried to amend a vector illustration by switching to the Designer persona within Publisher. Publisher crashed and attempts to re-open the file have resulted in it repeatedly flashing up the page with the vector illustration for a split second before closing down. The same thing happens if I attempt to open the file from Designer or Photo, though the illustration remains visible for slightly longer before closing down. The vector graphic was originally produced in Macromedia Freehand but appeared without a hitch in Publisher until I resized and amended it in a small way. Windows 10 on a Soundblaster laptop which handles everything I throw at it in the way of tiff images and cad drawings etc. (I routinely process raster files up to 80mb). This is purely a training exercise - no panic deadlines involved! Nevertheless I wouldn't want to invest too much time on serious productive work if there was a risk of losing it in this manner. This raises a question as to whether an auto back-up option for the Affinity programs is planned that would enable earlier versions of a file to be recovered? BUILDING STANDARDS..afpub Building Regs_29th April 2015.odt

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