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  1. I'm using the 1.7.3 version of Affinity Designer and came across this issue while exporting my file to PDF-print or X-1a. I'm surprised to read that this was resolved in 2016 and the fix was made... something might have happened in later versions since I needed to rasterize my image in order for it to not be washed out and even after doing that the image is still not 100% sharp. I can send the images if you send me a link if you'd like to have a look. Thanks
  2. If I'm experiencing some issues with fonts (here with Helvetica Neue Bold but it happens also with myriad pro bold) when exporting to PDF (substitution of characters, see image). Will this Beta version help with this or is the fix in another thread? Thank you (first image the PDF result, second image the original in Publisher)
  3. They looked ok in Publisher when I imported them initially and now that I relinked them they are ok too.... it's only after the crash that they suddenly changed! The thing that puzzles me the most is how did the app "create" files in my finder folder on my mac ? That seems VERY strange!
  4. They're jpeg files that our photographer took and sent to us. I guess he might have retouched some photos in photoshop before sending to us. Is that what you mean?
  5. Thank you for your quick reply Here is the file (copy of one page) and one image that the Publisher has created in my finder folder. However, I somehow cannot attach the original image, I get a 200 error message when trying to upload it... Is it that my file is too big? It's 13.5MB. I've always attached the original images in high resolution to my InD docs, but could that be a problem? Thanks for your help, for Affinity testing.afpub
  6. Hello! I'm experiencing a problem with Affinity Publisher 1.7 (launch version no Beta upgrade), using Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 Last night, I was working on a few opened document within the App (probably not recommended I know!) One of the doc I was working on stopped responding. I could not come back to the Move tool after using Text tool. I did not think too much of it and continued successfully to work on my other docs. I completed some and was able to save, export in PDF without any problem until I came back this morning to work on that still unresponsive doc (after a whole night). Not responding I tried to close it and then the whole program crashed. I reopened Publisher and a popup asked me if to re-open the docs which shut down unexpectedly (sorry I don't have the exact message it displayed) which I accepted. When reopening the docs, one displayed perfectly, one suddenly had an image in black and white and another image missing completely and another much bigger file (with many photos) had all the photos displaying as "inverted", like old negative rolls on old cameras (see image). ALL the photos were like that in the entire doc. When I went to the Resource Manager, it said images were "linked" rather than "embedded", I might have changed that the day before since there were so many photos (I read in another post it might be good to link instead). In there, all thumbnails were exactly like the photos, "inverted". When I went in my computer's folder to link back to the original images, a whole bunch of inverted photos were there as "duplicates" of my original photos and named whatever name Publisher gives it in that manager (file name - #of image)!! Fortunately, my original images are still there! Can you please help me figure out why all my images in an opened document were changed to their "negative" inverted images after the program crashed so it doesn't happen again? and if there is a quicker way to change these images than doing it one by one? Like in InD one can relink 1 image and it will automatically see other images from this same location and ask if you want to re-link other images. But because the names of the images are changed from the originals in Resource Manager, it can't identify them as such. Sorry for my lack of technical jargon and long explanation, as you can probably tell, I'm not a techie nor a graphic designer! So thank you for keeping the answer understandable with very basic terms and clear directions on where to go and what to click The answer might be very simple for all I know Thank you!
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