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  1. I agree! I have all the apps on all platforms (Mac, PadOS, Win) - and the page scrolling (and navigation - compared to Mac) in Publisher for Windows is slow. I know that hardware etc. impacts performance - but I am comparing Publisher (on the same laptop - Win) with InDesign (that old dinosaur of an dtp) - and the scrolling in InDesign is actually better in my eyes! But that's about the only thing I prefer in InDesign over Publisher :-)
  2. Well I guess the quickfix to all of this would be to have a «cms off» option like in InDesign...
  3. Sorry, but I´m cramped on time right now. See what you are saying - and you are right in regards to preflighting in Acrobat with the same profile - if you do that - then text is black (100K). But the underlying point is: I´ve never had to care about this with exporting for instance from InDesign (color converting turned off - no PDF X - just regular PDF 1.4-1.8) - text is always 100K (unless I´ve put some effects behind the txt). And I think the users who point out this problem (black not beeing 100K) may come from the same previous experience as me - i.e.: there´s something in how Affinity have solved the CMYK export that does not make sense (for a dumb guy like me
  4. Found a (stupid) way: If I choose PANTONE Process Black C from the Pantone+CMYK Swatches - THEN it outputs pure 100% K. (I have been working with print and Adobe products since the late 90´s, and never had these kind of problems generating pure K in CMYK output from Illustrator or InDesign.)
  5. I have tried every setting possible (as far as I can see), but can´t seem to be able to export a PDF with text as 100K. I have of course checked the values in Designer before export. Tried the different options for ICC profile and color space and PDF version (including PDF/X). But when you open the PDF created in Designer for iPad in for instance Acrobat, the text is never 100% K - it´s a mix of CMYK values. It seems like the export does not honor the CMYK - 100% K value. This IS a HUGE problem working towards newspaper print where mismatch do happen (hence the need for pure 100% K and not the so called rich black with cmyk-mix). Is it a bug - or is there something I have missed along the way? Thanks in advance!
  6. Yep. It’s turned on. Also: I think I´ve tried every possible combination of settings there is in the PDF dialog (aside from the obvious). After checking a little bit, I´ve seen others struggling with the same issue on this forum. As I understand, it’s a bug that’s being fixed in the next update?
  7. Designer for iPad: When exporting a PDF, the bleed is not showing. A showstopper for pro use in print work.
  8. In Designer for iPad - when exporting PDF - the bleed is not showing - even if the Bleed is set to 3mm (or any other value). The crop marks and everything is there, but not the bleed. This is really essential for using the app for any serious print work.
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