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  1. Setting the view quality to Nearest Neigbour does not affect layer scaling. Also, it's impossible to create non-aliased text with AP without a proper nearest neighbour mode. Raserizing a pixelart image layer smooths it to oblivion, so unfortunately in its current state it's not possible to work with pixel art layers and text in Affinity (Pixelate filter is not viable since it doesn't remove the aliased pixels which ruins pixel art). An example included, with 1. Original sprite 2. Scaled up with yucky aliasing 3. Horrible mush when rasterizing layer
  2. AP is great, but for pixel art it's lacking a very basic feature: a nearest neighbor/hard pixel scale mode option when scaling layers, objects and text. Right now AP is not suitable for retaining the look of pixel art when working with layers and text, and would make a great addition since it's already so good at everything else!
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