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  1. Not sure if the issue you're referring to is similar to what I had but I was able to solve my issue by using the settings in this post linked below.
  2. This seems to be feasible but honestly the first suggestion that GarryP made is what seems to be working best. I'm gonna go with that for now until they rectify the bugs. Thanks all
  3. Thanks so much for the assistance. I really appreciate you guys responding. So far the only methods that I've been able to achieve are the ones GarryP and thomaso suggested. Still trying to figure out the pinned option from Joachim_L
  4. I'm trying to recreate a form for school registration, how can I create dotted lines or the underline for forms in publisher? Similar to how it's done in InDesign in the following links.
  5. Just curious about the perks of purchasing through the app store versus the website. On the website, I see an option for free content along with the purchase
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