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  1. I experience exact the same problem with the latest release.
  2. Thank you for the quick response. I stayed up a few hours longer and finally found my "mistake". At first I had placed the TOC inside a textframe from the master page. I had no reason to assume I had to add a text frame first. This didnt work because i couldnt let the longer TOC flow over into the next page. I then realized I should perhaps use a text frame. I created one and tried to squeeze the TOC I already had into it, but this somehow (it was late so i might have done something wrong there) didnt work out well because there was still no overflow into the next page after linking the frame i made to one on the next (empty) page. Finally I did the one right thing ..... I deleted the TOC and started all over ..... made a text frame ...added the TOC ... linked it ...and ..... it worked!!!! But..... now all my adjusted styles from the TOC were gone. I thought there would be a possibility to Save my styles from a file but could only find the options to "Save styles as default" or "Import styles". So i had to either create all the adjusted styles i had made for the TOC again or set them first as default and then create the new TOC. I have choosen this last option, but i am really wondering why there isnt a possibility to save all Styles in a "Style file". That would be a very welcome addition I think (or is it already there but did i miss it?).
  3. For my company I got myself the entire suit of your products and am already working on a coursebook I am writing using Publisher. So far most of it has been easy to do and/or find, however now I stumbled into something I cant seem to solve so easy and I hope someone can be of help. I have a table of contents that has grown beyond one page. How can I make it flow over to the next page? It should of course keep updating all pages when required. The table of contents frame doesnt have the little arrow on the right that normal frames have to link it. Thank you in advance for any help. Regards, Huub
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