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  1. Connecter

    Crash- Refine Selection Tool

    Hey Chris, thank you for your answer. No layers are created. I start from zero and get a selection. It happens to many images. I see an older topic with the same problem: So maybe you can close this topic? Many thx!
  2. Connecter

    Refine selection crash

    Thanks for your support. Here is my file. Hope it is the right one. Photo iPad-2019-06-24-175938.ips
  3. Connecter

    Refine selection crash

    On IPad Air (2019) same problem...
  4. Hi, I often get a crash (program close), when I follow the tutorial of the video "Refine Selection Tool". The crashes happened after the click on "Output" --> "New layer" or "New layer with mask". When I restart the program and want to do the steps again, it crashes again. 1.7.1 on Ipad Air (2019) - Newest IOS version I hope you can reproduce the issue. Greetings

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