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  1. That indeed solves the problem - too stupid of me that I didn't try this out. Thanks!
  2. @thomaso Thanks for your explanation. What I want to achieve it that a heading without any following body paragraph line is taken to the next page/column (so avoid an orphan headline). In the screenshot, I would expect that the third Headline appears at the top of the second page/column as there is not sufficient space for more than one line of the body paragraph. I don't want to modify the spacing between paragraphs. Assigning some character styles doesn't change anything, btw.
  3. I am not too sure what you mean by "Text frame style". Paragraph styles are assigned to both.
  4. @Wosven: My Headline style is called "Name" (confusing I know, but that's copied from the actual project where this makes sense ). So I have indeed the setting on the headline, which is your "intertitre". Weird why this works for you, but not for me...
  5. First of all, thanks everyone for their extremely quick responses! To clarify, I have attached a screenshot. It show on the right hand sides the settings for the heading style (defined as a style). It is about two paragraph styles (heading and body). I want to avoid breaks between a heading and the subsequent body paragraph. I also need the spacing before and after (and setting it to 0 hasn't changed anything). The "last lines" option (tried that before) does not work - and as far as I understood, this is for lines in the same paragraphs, not about subsequent paragraphs. But I might be wrong - just started using Affinity Publisher.
  6. Maybe I wasn't clear. My goal is pretty simple: I have paragraph styles for a heading and for the normal body paragraph that follows the headline. What I want to achieve is that there are no breaks in between the headline and body paragraph. Specify keep with preceding paragraph on the body style won't work here. Hope that makes it clearer.
  7. I've just been trying out a longer book project with the latest version of Affinity Publisher. Might have missed something, but I haven't found any way of keeping a headline together with the next paragraph by setting ""keep with next paragraph" on the headline paragraph format (there is only "keep with previous", which isn't really helpful). As this is, I guess, a pretty basic functionality and it's hard to believe it's not there: could someone point me to the right place to set this option? Thanks.
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