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  1. What does this "background" do really? I thought it refered to transparency.. How do I export selection as "selected objects, no transparency"? I don't want to export selected area, yet it is often useful too. In the screenshot the area is "all spread". I change it to the corresponding option. The first exported the area. The second didn't. I can work with the second file exported, but it wasn't an expected result.
  2. I was puzzled with this myself too. Convert the images to individual picture frames. The easiest way is to convert the first one to picture frame and then copy it around. You can't drag' and drop directly on images, but you can on picture frames. And do _NOT_ rasterise any of them. Once rasterised they aren't available in the resource manager. Rasterised images cannot be converted to picture frames. So you'll end up with that rasterised image for good. If you want to change that image, you have to delete it and start over. Paracetamol helps with the headache.
  3. So there's no easy way to check are my bitmaps ok for printing......... Cheers.
  4. Another vote for data merge.. ...and for "insert > qr-code" in the first place.
  5. One workaround is to create a vector mask. ...but it's an awful chore when a "crop to shape" is missing. Another workaround is to create a mask and select "refine mask" and you'll have familiar foreground and background tools. But it's awfully slow.
  6. I had this workflow in PP: import stock -> arrange stuff -> group all for a spread background -> rasterise -> make linked. Then I could make all photo editing elsewhere or send it to someone else. If I rasterise a group, it doesn't show up in the resource manager. The workaround is: select the rasterised image, export only the selection, replace the original selection.
  7. When you give stuff for free (eg. fonts), do consider covering more characters. "Yey! Free fonts! oh...ä/ö/å missing..." (oh, and Resource Manager studio tab would be awesome in Designer)
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