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    Astrosurf reacted to walt.farrell in Disappear elements of the assets area.   
    The retail and beta versions do not share settings, brushes, assets, etc.
    If you want your retail assets to be available in the beta, you can export them from the retail version and import them into the beta:
    In the retail version, open the Assets panel, and on the hamburger menu you'll find Export Assets. Then after the export, open the Assets panel on the beta, and use the hamburger menu to Import Assets.
    Or, having opened a document that has the assets you can add them to the beta versions Assets panel from that document, if you want.
    But they won't be there without action on your part.
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    Astrosurf reacted to Pyanepsion in Footnotes/Endnotes   
    Hello Moon! You must return to Earth!
    Footnotes are not important only for short graphical documents, such as a cover, or flyer (a very small part of the job in desktop publishing). I do not know a book, a magazine, a student report, a company presentation, or a university thesis that does not require footnotes. It is even the essence of the service.
    I did a test with a novel of 50 pages. This contains 20 footnotes. The text is just sticking in the right place. QuarkXpress 37 min. Affinity Publisher 5 hrs 12 min. What can I say about a famous actor’s bio whose author was on TV? It contained 480 footnotes…
    This is a serious failure to correct as soon as possible, not a favour to please some eccentrics.

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