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  1. Hi, The "test file" has been made "from scratch" with 1.8.3 version .... 1. Create new Document - A4 format 2. Add a new page 3. Configure document with "1st page on left" 4. Draw some lines 5. Split the two page by removing "facing page" option
  2. Version 1.8.3 1. Open the test.afpub file. As you can seen the document is using facing pages. 2. Open menu "File > Document setup" and deselect "Facing pages" As you can see, on page 2, all red lines have moved from original place, while green one stay at correct position. Only exactly Horizontal and Vertical lines moved from initial position to a symetric position on the page ! test.afpub
  3. Publisher under Windows 7 If you change the value "Baseline" in a paragraph style, the baseline value displayed is incorrect if you redisplay the style settings. However, the value actually applied by the style is the one that was defined by the user. Only the value displayed in the style settings is incorrect. Demonstration : 1. Open a new document 2. Create a Paragraph Style 3. On the "Create Paragraph Style" window, select "Position & Transform" section and define : "Baseline=3 pt" 4. Close the "Create Paragraph Style" window 5. Double-click on the newly created Style to edit it 6. On the "Position & Transform"section, the value of Baseline has changed to "-4.2 pt" NB. Publisher is a fantastic software, but will be usable for book publishing only the day it will be possible to manage the numbering of footnotes and illustrations. For us (a standard publishing company), these are two essential features that we expect before moving from InDesign to Publisher ...
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