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  1. Completely in agreement with @Lee Thorpe we would need to lighten the snakes a little. Great brand that unfortunately no longer exists ...
  2. @h_d Your advice turned out to be right; I exported the file from Photo as .TIFF - I replaced the PNG with the TIFF in Publisher and the result is positive. Thanks again for the competent help ...
  3. Hi, I come immediately to the problem: I'm trying to make a cookbook with various images; images must be in CMYK; well the raster images come from APhoto jpg, png, tiff, while those Vector by AfDesign. Although they are all (raster and vector) in CMYK Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2: 2004) when I insert the images in AfPublisher the vector ones remain in CMYK while the rasters from the Resource Management Document are in RGB, (see attached reference to png file). I try and try again but the result does not change I am grateful if you indicate me where I am wrong. A thousand thanks
  4. @walt.farrell Thanks for the reply, I have always used Heading1 and Heading 2 and, I had never asked myself the problem; I had the solution under my eyes and I lost hours and hours in vain. Thanks for the precious collaboration, see you next time ...
  5. Unfortunately, despite all my efforts, the situation does not change. Your help becomes essential. Can anyone help me? Thank you
  6. Hi, I trust your help to solve my problem with APub: I give a short example, I want to extract a simple summary from titles and subtitles; if I use Heading 1 and Heading 2 paragraph styles for titles and subtitles, everything goes smoothly; but if I create a new style, I format it as it should and, I use it for a Title or for a Subtitle, when I'm going to extract the Summary, those formatted with Headings 1 and 2 are always fine while, for those formatted with the New Style there is only the text without the tabulator and without the page number. I've been around a lot but, I can't understand where the mistake is; I also tried to create a new style based on Heading 1 and also on 2 but always negative. A thousand thanks...
  7. @Eddy-2 Thank you however, since they are all more or less good remedies to make up for something that Designer does not have, it would be enough for the Affinity developers to add to AD a tool like that of Inkscape that solves the problem very well. Hello and thanks...
  8. @GarryP @Alfredo I apologize, I did the research like this: 'ADesigner measures angles' and of course the answer was 0 results. Thanks for your collaboration
  9. Hi, as the title suggests, how do I measure an angle in ADesigner? Thanks so much
  10. Salutations, Affinity Designer - I have text in a text frame, how do I view special characters? I mean tabs, spaces, end of paragraph etc. Thank you...
  11. Question dictated by curiosity: What quick test to see if a font is faulty? A thousand thanks...
  12. @David in Яuislip I followed your reasoning, and on the thread of this reasoning I did a test (since the original file visibility bore the date of when I had worked with the two programs Photo and Publisher from Publisher😞 I renamed the original file (the one that was there) visibility_options.dat to visibility-options-old.dat; in this way if something wrong happened I would have removed the '-old' and everything would be back as before; then, I started Photo (all normal) I opened a new document and I hardly believed it THE PROBLEM IS GONE, SOLVED. So logically, since the program works normally, the visibility file is formed when the apps are used at the same time and in any case, even if not exactly a bug, it is certainly a malfunction. Thank you all, you are a wonderful group of people always available ... Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you ... See you soon hear from us
  13. @Alfred Alfred, I followed your advice, but the result was negative. Thanks... @GarryP Yes Garry could be, sure it's a weird malfunction, I made a little video to show you that on a new document the text both Artistic Text and Frame Test have special characters; I just hope you see ... Any advice is appreciated ... Thanks Video_2021-10-20_142321.wmv
  14. @DWright Thank you for your quick answer, I also have Publisher, but since this morning I have been working on Photo and I created these documents in Photo, which is the reason for the strangeness, it had never happened to me. Now in Photo I have tried to open new documents and I have the same behavior. Is there any way to get rid of special characters? Thanks for the support and sorry if I take your time ... @John Rostron This morning I turned on the PC, loaded Affinity Photo and started working, when I started writing something I immediately noticed the special characters also because up until now it had never happened and I can't remove them. I work on pc window 7 pro ultimate, APhoto version 1.9.1 and everything goes smoothly except this one. No, you're right they are not visible in the print or on the saved image. this thing intrigues me but in the meantime I can continue the work. Thanks for the time you dedicate to me.
  15. Affinity Photo, suddenly when I type some text there are also special characters in blue (see annex); I wanted to remove the display but, I couldn't. I need your help. Thank you very much...
  16. @Gabe Unfortunately the links don't work. Possible to correct? Thanks
  17. @Dan C Thanks for interesting, unfortunately I cannot do what you requested immediately for two valid reasons (I think); the first is that I am completing a job and I cannot afford to install the next version because it would block my computer and I would be forced to reinstall 1.9.1 which, said between us, works well for me. The second is what I want to unplug for a few days and go to sea. But I can tell you that when I started 1.9.2 nothing happened, not even the first screen started, after about fifteen seconds a Windows warning came out saying that the system was not able to open the program. Give me some time then, when I have everything you ask for, I'll be the one to contact you. Thank you so much for your time...🙂
  18. @Dan C Hi Dan sorry if I get involved in this thread, the problem is the same. I work on Windows 7 pro Ultimate, I have all three of the things you mention: Windows 7 Service Pack 1; KB2670838 platform update; Aero enabled. Yet I couldn't go beyond version 1.9.1; from 1.9.2 onwards the apps do not even start.
  19. @walt.farrell @telemax My dearest friends, that was the problem, thank you for your help and for taking your time. To resent ...🙂
  20. Salutations, Windows 7 - Designer 1.9.1 I was watching this tutorial on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00OVh6X8cR4 at the beginning you notice that there are four shapes with none stroke and gray fill, you can clearly see that when one element is selected the others show themselves as they are. On the other hand, to me, who reproduced the same sequence, the unselected objects show themselves as if they have a border. I've attached a screenshot where in line 1) it's how it looks on my pc, while in line; 2) it's how it should be; I assure you that the elements have none stroke and gray fill. I went around it a lot but I didn't get anywhere, maybe it's a trivial thing and I hope for your advice ... Thanks
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