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  1. ok - here goes: affinity photo trial was still in my list of programs. I had originally upgraded from the trial program to the full version and after updating the trial never went away, so it was blocking other versions when i tried to update to the newest full version of AP. It would not uninstall either. Since i, using windows, i typed into google "fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed" and that led me me to a microsoft site which deals with this. i downloaded their update/download troubleshooter, ran the program and it was able to remove the trial version, after which i was able to install the newest affinity program and IT WORKED! ( i hope i dont have trouble with the next update!). Now to learn the program!
  2. followed callums instructions. attaching files requested. sorry andy that you are having same trouble, but at least i know its not totally me!. (btw -downloaded new copy of program from website when doing this. Setup.log SetupUI.log
  3. Bought affinity photo- used it a few times. Photo reported update available. Downloaded update. Tried to install update. Got response- update failed. Can not use updated (obviously ) affinity; nor can I go back to last previous version. - I just bought this thing!. Using Windows 7. Very unhappy with what was purported to be substitute for photoshop- cause now nothing works! Apparently the update removed the original affinity program from my computer, because it is nowhere to be found. i cannot install either the update or the original prograjm that i purchased.