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  1. I feel optimistic about this one, document crashes while working with pinned objects have been destroying my soul.
  2. umbralAeronaut

    Crashes in latest beta

    Ok, done! I tried to use the file in the release version and had the crash occur again. It won't let me save any new versions at this point, though I can sometimes make a few edits until the fateful Ctrl+S is attempted.
  3. umbralAeronaut

    Crashes in latest beta

    Updated to .399 and had tons of instability just today with it, now crashes anytime I attempt to save a file. Here's the contents of the CrashReports folder. Great product, hope to continue using it into the release version! 0b66a468-64fe-4cda-acd8-21491472c419.dmp 1a0a36aa-4987-4953-b37b-18c20831552d.dmp 4e316d36-6fcf-4f7f-a221-1e33e6c88313.dmp 5e32c97a-aa63-449a-8ea2-f4a5b234c710.dmp c600f93e-51a5-4b66-877d-cff0db99744f.dmp