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  1. I do not think it is necessary to complicate things at the beginning. Some time I bought AutoPano Giga from Kolor which is advanced panorama stitching tool. It was also available for linux but as I know nobody of the commercial companies cares about some "exotic" distros and most users would probably have some mainstream distros. It is common to support 64bit linux systems using DEB packages (e.g. Debian / Ubuntu) and RPM ones (Red Hat Enterprise / CentOS / Suse / OpenSuse) which are also use in companies / institutions / studios - you can check how for example Microsoft does it with Skype or SoftMaker with Softmaker Office for linux. Besides, there are also the universal package solutions and things like appimage (Avidemux uses it for example).
  2. Hi, some years ago I tried Photo Plus and Draw Plus and now I am back to Serif again as working with Inkscape seems to be really terrible (mainly because it is "lazy" and sometimes even freezing although the machine has plenty of power ). Adobe is not a solution because of subscription plans, and pro version of Gravit is apparently the same problem. However, I am also a linux user and I am definitely not going to have that terrible Windows 10 on my PC installed. I read this thread and it looks it should be possible to run Affinity Designer in VBOX running W7. Currently, I do not have Windows 7 installed in Virtualbox so I am rather asking before buying Designer, preparing the virtual environment etc... Does anybody here use Designer in VM running Windows 7? I know there will probably be some loss of performance but have no idea if it is still usable. My hardware is Core i5-4570, 16GB RAM, Intel HD 4600 graphics, SSD + HDD, running 64bit Kubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo. thanks PS: I still think there are potential users who would like to throw away Windows 10 from their workstations and replace it with some rock-stable OS like Debian Stable which would be much more reliable for commercial use - if there was some Adobe alternative for linux (especially as Adobe switched to subscription only and increases the fees)