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  1. Mark, Thanks so much for the response. Yes I have worked with ACDSee and sent them files, 1 that worked and one that didn't so they can compare. They acknowledged a problem and passed it to their tech team. I so much want this to work, ACDSee and Affinity Photo make a good team if we can get this fixed.(until you guys get an Affinity DAM that works even better!!!) lol Thanks again, Michael
  2. I guess I don't know how forums work. I can only see responses from Jan and April. What is the answer?
  3. Does anybody in this company respond to posts and actually do anything, or is this just a place for unhappy customers to blow off steam?
  4. I'm new to affinity, I bought photo, designer, preordered publisher, I only had a few images saved in photo 1.6, these thumbnails appear in ACD see correctly. Since the update to 1.7 all I see is icons. The icons look surprisingly similar and it's hard to tell which photo you will be opening. I will buy your DAM when you launch but please fix this in the meantime. Thanks, Michael