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  1. Here is mine. I edited my original post to note that this is happening ONLY within a file saved as an AP file. I exported the AP file as a jpg, opened the jpg and created a couple of layers without an issue. ND_Tests_6685.afphoto
  2. Ever since the upgrade when I try to group layers AP crashes. This is within a saved AP file. Windows 7 - 64 bit ~ AP Is there a later patch after this version? I had no problems before other than kind of laggy but I don't have a real powerful computer, either so it was not unexpected. Can I just uninstall then reinstall the previous version? EDIT 6.15.19 I saved this file as a jpg and created a couple of layers in the jpg file, grouped them and there were no issues. ALSO, I did not mention that I had grouped layers in the original file so the crash is happening after the RAW file is saved as an Affinity Photo file with the history saved.
  3. I'd like to chime in on this as well. A choice of larger font/icon sizes would be great. Out of the box it was the first complaint I had about the program, which is AMAZING!