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  1. I'm not sure this is a standard thing but I remember some app I used that could do it. Basically if you selected whatever shape tool and clicked (or double clicked?) a spot on the canvas it'd pop up a dialog asking for dimensions, and shape/sides/etc if applicable. Hit ok/return and it'd place the shape where you clicked on the canvas. Alternatively I think another method was to double click the icon in the toolbar, it'd bring up the same dialog but just place the object in the middle of the screen (current viewport). And as for the transform palette, I'm talking about stuff like moving or resizing or scaling or whatever. Resizing is (hopefully) simple enough, only tweak I want there is when tabbing in the fields and typing a number, it doesn't include the measurement unit when replacing the text (this kind of applies for all cases with the palette actually). Like if the document is in inches and I tab to the height field and type "5mm" and hit return, it won't stick because the field still has the " in" right after it instead of begin fully replaced. I have to arrow over or forward delete the "in" out first before typing any other units in. For other types of transforms I know the "function=number unit" trick (like to scale 80% you do *=80%) but it's pretty awkward and seems like it could be a lot simpler. Mostly just take out the equal sign requirement, like to move something 5 units, +5 is easier and more logical than +=5 (to me at least). And if there's a percent with no preceding function, assume it's meant to be a scale. I like the flexibility of the transforms you can type in, it's just that it's weird syntax.
  2. Was it working with the vector side as well for making a copy (or copies) of objects while nudging? I remember being able to do that way back and missed it pretty quickly once I started doing something in Designer.
  3. I noticed this when messing with the Preferences and Layer Effects windows. For a quick example, when you open the Prefs window it's in front and has standard window widgets, so cmd-W to close it should work, but instead the command goes to the document window and the app asks if you want to save changes, i.e. the normal close window confirmation dialog. I also just noticed some funkiness when minimizing the Prefs window, I got it back out of the dock* (by right clicking the app icon and selecting the window there) but it seems to have disappeared, it didn't even show up when showing all app windows (in Exposé) or selecting it from the Window menu. After relaunching the app the Prefs window is open. Trying it again but getting the window out through the Window menu does the same thing, but if I show app windows and click it there it works. *I have the dock set to minimize windows into the app icons, not sure if that makes a difference. ...and while testing that stuff out I found a funky crash bug. Not entirely sure but it seems like it happens with a new blank document. I just have to open the app, create a new document, hit cmd-M (which I thought was minimize but apparently it's assigned to curves adjustment), then after the Curves window shows up for a sec the app crashes. Just doing a quick doodle to the doc first seems to make it work fine, and brings up a little Assistant floating popup (which doesn't show up when it crashes).
  4. Good to know, cause I'm one of those folks with some really old AI files around. I haven't had a real vector drawing app in years so I bought AD to finally fill that hole, then got disappointed when I still couldn't open a lot of the stuff I had. Some of it was from way way back, others I think I downloaded off the web not that long ago. I realize it's not a huge pressing issue but it'd be really nice to have, I could see the latter situation in particular (with older stuff just perpetually being passed around) coming up for others.