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  1. Hello My Affinity Designer freezing a lot. If i use Ctrl button freeze immediately. I have Win10 PRO, i5 6400 + 16GB ram, i don't think my hardware is weak.
  2. I hope to because this is must have if you ask me!
  3. Hello I have a question, in Affinity photo, we have a perspective tool and for example, in PhotoShop you can do it but i don't know how to do this on Affinity design? I know now in Publisher(i have Designer, Photo and Publisher software) we can switch to Photo but i don't like to work like that!
  4. I have problem with Affinity Designer and Photo, i don't have colors LOL, i update to the latest version(Windows 64) or i miss something. Please help! Thanx!
  5. I have Photo and Designer, yesterday i buy Publisher, now i have all Affinity software :D . This last update makes all my Affinity software fly, before i have issues on Win10 PRO but now work much better. I can wait for a publisher ... Thanx for your great work :D

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