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    DeKay got a reaction from Chris B in Horrible slowdown on Affinity Photo 1.7.0 iPad -- Way to revert back to 1.6?   
    I am happy with the response times so far.  My issue was confirmed as repeatable 10 hours after posting the problem.  Taking into account that I am 8 hours ahead that was technically a response in 2 hours....
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    DeKay got a reaction from Chris B in Issues found in v1.7.0   
    I have found the following issues with version 1.7 of Affinity Photo on iPAD Pro (12.9 inch 2nd Gen) iOS 12..3.1
    1. Crash to desktop when using new Assets to insert a signature. (video attached)
    2. Screen becomes unresponsive also pinch and pan doesn’t respond correctly. (video attached)
    3. When I lock a layer I can still apply destructive edits to the layer!
    4. In the last version when I was applying filters, I could use the before/after slider to check the result of the filter.  Once I was happy, I could turn it into a live filter so that I could tweak it later if required.
    But now with you moving the live filter option, I cannot use the before/after slider to check results before making it live.  Can you please add the before/after slider to the live filters.
    I’ll add more as I find them.
    4858BDA3-F015-4BC4-B4C5-F76319D290E0.MOV AC6389A0-1DA2-4344-B2D8-D6DB7801A32A.MOV
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