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  1. +1 too, I've read your threads about TGA and it's just disappointing regarding how it's of course widely used (an uncompressed source file format with RGBA fully editable...it's vital to game devs and not only to be honest) I understand that you might prepare this feature for the next update (you'd be fool not to do so guys) but whether it's an easy or hard to code feature, you will really benefit of its adding (it will really make Affinity a better alternative than photoshop, cause except this hassle you've largely surpassed this old software ;)) As a workaround you can still launch a 3D painting software (let say 3DCoat) and share your layers with it, when you're okay just export in TGA from 3DCoat or whatever is your software of choice. For all VFX masks and stuff you can use a plane as your UVs source so you won't lose pixels that doesn't belongs to an UV island Hope this will help some of other users (and really stop consider TGA as the last unwanted feature, most users pray for it !)