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  1. It didn't work :( . Tryed to open/close both and in different order, reinstall, nothing helped. I think some of betas left something in AF folders that broke sending document to other app.
  2. I have fixed this problem by fully uninstalling all affinity apps and deleteing all related folders in USER and Programm Files folders. After it fresh inslall fixed that issue. Hope this helps.
  3. Can it be affected by the fact that I also have both Designer and Photo stable versions installed ( In stable "edit" works in both programms. Thanks.
  4. I have both Photo and Designer (RC2) installed. I can send document from Designer to Photo through "Edit in Photo" menu, but in AfPhoto I can't send it back ("Edit in Designer" is greyed out). No matter new document or sent from AfDesigner. Tried to uninstall/reinstall both. (Win7x64)