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    MuseScore PDF import issues

    Apologies, I don't know how they got missed. I thought I'f copied everything from inside Musescore. mscore.ttf mscore.otf
  2. Colin Whyles

    MuseScore PDF import issues

    I supplied the MScore fonts in the first posting. The MuseScore program with the fonts are available free from musescore.org.
  3. Colin Whyles

    MuseScore PDF import issues

    I am, by the way, using V1.7.0 of Publisher on a Macbook Pro running Mojave 10.14.6 Beta. Here is another example, an old song of mine called Star. It is only three lines of music, but if you look carefully there are many things out of place. Some have shifted quite badly. Once again, the fonts that should have been rendered as MScore text was instead rendered as Lucida Grande. I have corrected them my hand. It ought to be possible to have done this in the font manager, which doesn't seem to enable any management in this version of Publisher except for missing fonts. Text does seem to have been handled very well. The original PDF is also attached. Star.pdf Star sample.afpub
  4. There are a couple of things required to import (File->Place) a PDF of music from MuseScore, a free music notation editor from musescore.org. Firstly, it is necessary to have the fonts used by MuseScore installed on your Mac. The important one for the music is Mscore text. However, every musical symbol is displaced from where it should be on the stave. Their horizontal positions are correct but are sometimes higher or lower than they should be. Each symbol is from the Mscore text font. The staves are represented as curves. It is possible that the curves are displaced rather than the symbols. A sample file, Riley's Cow Shed sample 1 is attached, along with the MuseScore fonts. For lyric text etc, MuseScore uses FreeSerif. The musical symbols that should have picked up the Mscore text font have been picked up by Lucida Grande. There does not seem to be a way of replacing Lucida Grande thoughout. The font manager shows it, but does not allow a substitution to be made. The text set in FreeSerif has also been substituted, but that is not as important. I manually edited the first two lines of music to fix the incorrect font and change it to Mscore text. Mscore fonts.zip Riley's Cow Shed sample 1.afpub Riley's Cow-Shed.pdf

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